Internal Marketing Audit

The internal audit includes (but is not limited to) a review of your marketing information including advertising, direct mails, website, communications and literature, budgets, reports, etc., plus individual interviews with select personnel.  The interviews are scheduled to further review the marketing and leasing programs as well as other activities and programs that may affect these efforts.

Often, the internal marketing audit will include informal focus groups discussions with residents, resident families, and/or lost prospects.

External Marketing Audits

The external audit may include (but is not limited to) an analysis of demographic data and current real estate trends in the defined market area as well as a review of primary competitors.  Interviews are completed with select individuals and professionals in your market area.  We provide a detailed analysis of how your community is perceived and positioned in your local marketplace.

Other Services

  • Mystery shopping in your community and/or at your competitors
  • Lost prospect telephone surveys


A summary report is then provided documenting our findings and observations, and providing specific recommendations for the community’s future positioning, strategy, marketing and sales efforts.

What’s next? Advisory and Consulting

As a follow-up to a marketing audit, we can help you understand the findings and identify their significance to your business.  This means that you will not only get a report from us, but you may choose to continue working with us to leverage the audit results and implement changes to your mature market marketing strategy that will improve your reach to active seniors – your clients.

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