Redefining Marketing: Trends for the Next Generation of Active Aging

An ASHA Special Issue Brief Join Kleger Associates as we look ahead to the marketing trends that will drive the next ten years of active aging. From social media to storytelling and from raw data to relationship marketing, reaching the generation that is redefining retirement means redefining our methods. In fact, it means redefining our … Continue reading “Redefining Marketing: Trends for the Next Generation of Active Aging”

Change Is Good!

One thing is certain… everything changes. At Kleger Associates, we’re very excited about the changes we’re making for our clients and for ourselves. First, we’ve added three new, experienced consulting associates to help continue to support all of the good things going on – more on that below. Second, I’m excited to share some of … Continue reading “Change Is Good!”

Midsummer Marketing Magic

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.” – William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream   Summer vacation season is magical. Whether you prefer sitting on a beach or looking out over a mountain lake (I’m a beach person, myself.), the long, warm days give us an opportunity step back from our busy lives, review, and … Continue reading “Midsummer Marketing Magic”

The Art and Science of Retirement Housing Marketing

A solid marketing plan is 80% tried-and-true, 20% something new. For many retirement housing providers, the “something new” in their marketing plan is technology. Revamped websites, increased social media presence, and search engine marketing often provide big opportunities for lead generation. So, how do you incorporate these new opportunities with the “tried-and-true” that already works … Continue reading “The Art and Science of Retirement Housing Marketing”